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What is Build Pagosa?

Build Pagosa is a charitable organization dedicated to providing volunteer opportunities for the building trades industry, local businesses, and Pagosa Springs residents who want to support the educational, vocational, communication, economic and stabilization goals within the community. Through advocacy, collaboration, and networking, we work to build a better Pagosa Springs by involving members of our community in efforts that support smart, safe and sustainable growth. 

Who is Build Pagosa?

Build Pagosa is made up of volunteers from Pagosa Springs and the surrounding area who share a common passion. We want to see Pagosa Springs develop into a vibrant, dynamic community by offering learning opportunities and viable resources that will help our residents and young people succeed. If you live here or even just visit once in a while, you can become an integral part of making this area great. We are Build Pagosa!

A group of young gentlemen performing at a community revitalization event.

You Can Help!

We have lots of ideas for supporting our youth, such as building a Vocational Tech Center for the building trades and technology classes at our high school. You can be part of that effort.
Our Kids!

Meet the board

Build Pagosa, Inc. is led by an active volunteer board of directors consisting of Larry Ash (President), Tor Hessman (Vice President), Adam Hirshberg ( Secretary), Doug Hershey (Treasurer), Todd Stevens, Jessica Tully, and Dr. Rhonda Webb.

Why Build Pagosa for youth?

Not every student graduating from high school has the desire, and/or the resources to attend college. We want to give our young people a great way to be successful in life by supporting programs and projects that enable the school district to provide vocational and skilled labor training.

Learn about our networking opportunities

Our community directory and networking opportunities are currently underway. Stay tuned for more exciting developments to come.

We would love to tell you more.