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A Group of build pagosa students working on a project.

Introduction to Construction Trades Certificate

The course provides students with an introduction to construction safety, material handling, instruction of hand and power tools, reading a tape measure and construction math. Student will learn to read and interpret a basic set of house plans as well as learning building standards as required by the International Residential Building Code (IRBC). Students will also gain an understanding of the skills and traits necessary to become an employable construction professional.

The Framing Certificate

The framing certificate includes the construction of a home beginning with design and site layout through the foundation, floor, wall and the ability to gain detailed knowledge of how to construct a roof using pre-engineered trusses and/or stick framing techniques. The student will learn to layout and construct basic stairs. The campus laboratory experience will include construction of a basic house section up to the “dry-in” concept of the structure.
A wide shot of Build Pagosa Students inside a drywall frame project that they built
A close-up of a drywall frame inside a room.

The Drywall Hang & Finish Certificate

The drywall certificate, the student will learn about the use and installation of drywall products and systems available in residential and commercial applications as well as code requirements related to interior finish. Students will also learn the proper techniques used in the installation of drywall and the taping and texturing phases.

The Finish Carpentry Certificate

This certificate includes the overall finish of the inside of the structure with coursework in painting, door and trim installation, flooring installations, and cabinetry design and installation. The student will learn proper painting techniques, masking and caulking, and cutting in of multiple colors. Students will have the opportunity to install tile and cabinetry, as well as setting of interior doors and trim material.
Group of students working on a project.

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