Welcome to Build Pagosa

A gray-scaled full shot of tools for crafting wooden furniture is arranged on the wall.

Hello! And welcome to the official website for Build Pagosa, Inc. – better known as Build Pagosa. What started as the Pagosa Area Builders Advisory Committee (PABAC) several years ago has grown, much as Pagosa has grown. PABAC started as a group of local builders and tradespeople who volunteered their time to meet regularly to discuss building and trades related issues in the town of Pagosa Springs and in the greater area of Archuleta County.

As business owners met to discuss building code, safety, and enforcement issues, along with the general state of trades in Pagosa Springs, it became evident that there was a growing need beyond governmental cooperation. Pagosa Springs was seeing a decline in young, skilled laborers taking positions in the building and trades industries. To reverse the trend, a new mission was added and a Building Trades program was started at Pagosa Springs High School. We will get into all of those details throughout the site.

This post is simply to announce that we have a website and as you can see, it is currently under construction. We are working diligently to add as much information as quickly as we can. Here, you will find information on:

  • The forming non-profit Build Pagosa, Inc.
    • Build Pagosa Board of Directors
    • Non-profit Bylaws
    • Financial Transparency
  • Pagosa Area Builders Advisory Committee
    • Updates on Building Code, Code Changes, and Code Enforcement
    • Town of Pagosa Springs and Archuleta County updates that affect building and trades locally
  • Building Trades and Future Vocational Programs at Pagosa Springs High School
    • Building Trades and Technology I
    • Building Trades and Technology II (Coming Fall 2018)
    • Skills USA Challenge
  • Pagosa Powerhouse Project
    • Renovation of a local landmark into a new, useful community space
    • Temporary classroom space for High School Building Trades classes and workshop
    • Future home of Vocational Classrooms for community education
    • Multi-use space to be determined

It’s a lot, we know. So please, check back early and often to see how our amazing community is working together to build a better future for Pagosa Springs.